Monday, 23 June 2014

Localization Challenges

In today’s world every organization is seeking to increase its global presence and increased market share, however the ways to achieve that might be different from organization to organization. But there are organizations which are still adhering to the old L10 practices by using the same tools and technique, limited translators and domains etc. just to avoid the risk of losing business.

Adhering to the old standard L10 approach can be a safe approach to move ahead for startup organizations but to have a big advantage you need to step out of the standard L10 approach and take some calculated risks and perform innovatively. But to bring on innovation is not a cake walk as being a global player there are various challenges which an organization needs to face, such as:

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Responsive Web Design: Future of Web Design & Development

Websites are not just one way communication medium to disseminate informational and represent digital content about companies, rather it is becoming an interactive medium. It has equally become importance to ensure the interactive website with appropriate display on various devices with different screen resolution. In short the websites should be responsive to cater to devices of all resolution and this art of website design for number of screens sizes and devices to provide optimum user experience for all kind of devices and sizes is known as responsive website design.

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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Importance of Culture in Localization

Culture is the combination of different elements which are passed from one generation to another keeping the flair alive like – values, morals, beliefs, rules, rituals, knowledge, customs etc. These different elements which can be called as traits are both visible and invisible, visible traits are those like – the food items which have been in use for ages, the dressing style of the community, the tools and techniques etc. whereas the invisible traits are those like – beliefs, values, the way people of the community think etc.

Although both visible and invisible traits are very important to keep the essence of the culture alive but according to the Localization point of view, invisible traits carry more weightage. The marketing strategies of an organization largely depend upon the local area culture where an organization is seeking to launch its product or service. The apt adopted strategy would define the acceptance or rejection of it.

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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Role of CAT tools in Localization

In today’s modern age, also can be called as “Computer age” awareness of computer is far more as compared to any other time. Now computer is used not only for calculation purpose but for almost all purposes. The dependency on computer has increased up to a level where it has dominated almost all the sectors be it – medical, travel and tourism, education, transportation, homes etc. So in short we can say that computer is playing a very important role in our lives.

Since computer has already entered in every industry, so how localization could have been left untouched from it. Everything needs continuous improvement to move to the next level, here CAT tools play a very crucial role in solving this purpose.

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